Monday, April 4, 2016

Sunday Best ...and thoughts on blogging!

Happy April, dear friends☺

I hope you are having a wonderful Spring and start to this
new month so far! 
 Do you love April as much as I do...
everything blooming, the birds fluttering about more than
ever, the perfect temperatures.  With the humidity of
being so far South that comes in summer, if I haven't mentioned
so before, early spring is heaven because it is breezy and 
not humid.  I'm so thankful for that.

What a pleasure it was over this weekend to visit dear blogging
friends and enjoy encouragement and beautiful posts!
What a joy.

Lately, I've been finding inspiration that has transcended
into my thoughts about the way I want my own blog to be...
as I've thought a lot about it, I realized that my aspirations in
my faith and in living for God as well as for the joys of
the things that take up my time are the most
influential parts of what inspire me to blog.

This may not be a significant change, but it may be...
I decided I want the direction of my writing, photographs, and things I
share to be about the things that fall into being
fun and joyful and that have the potential to inspire 
others in some way...

Faith, sewing, creating overall, travel and culture aspects
of Southern life I love, vintage delights, photography, and 
something I have especially been thinking about:
sharing my style in regards to dressing with class and modesty.

To be able to share ways that I love to try to achieve this
is something close to my heart... most of all because
finding or sewing modest clothes and expressing my style
with a love for that is something I would love to inspire
others through.  Girls and ladies young and older,
sharing the beauty of ladylike femininity that is
a gift.

So, I hope to share more posts about that, and with the hope
that I will be able to include some sewing because it is something
I love so much and want to get better at.

These are just some thoughts on my blog and my
most prominent inspirations that make my heart dream about
writing as I think about my blog.

For a start...

This is- next to the dresses I own and cherish
 that my great-grandmother
sewed with her hands- my favorite vintage dress. 
A pale, loveliest
blue shade with delicate flower details across the bodice.

This was, on a recent Sunday, my "Sunday best".
How lovely it feels to find vintage pieces you love...
you can feel the quality that they were made with back then,
the sturdy but feminine and delicate wear of the fabric.

I picked this up on a trip to the antique mall that is inside an
old general store style shop in the old downtown of a
town a couple away from us. 
I matched it with pearls (of course☺) and my initial
pin.  My favorite accessory that I am collecting as of late is
a brooch.  
This "J" is not a vintage pin like I love to find most, such treasures.
But I thought it most lovely.

I think my favorite kind of outfit- especially on Sundays for
church- is one that makes me feel ladylike and like I
stepped out of a classier era when everyone dressed
this way.

.       .       .

Wishing you a wonderful week!

What is your favorite accessory right now to
complete your Sunday best, or any outfit?


  1. Hi Jazzmin and Happy April to you! I love the vintage blue dress; so feminine and modest. I may have mentioned previously that my grandmother was a seamstress and made all of her Sunday dresses and many of mine. She would look at the latest fashions in the Sunday Atlanta newspaper and then sit down and make one! The 20 years I worked outside the home, I loved wearing pretty and modest clothes and finding unique pieces of jewelry to go with the outfits. I look forward to you sharing more of your wardrobe and sewing projects. xoxoxo

  2. I love April too Jazzmin!! As for an accessory I would say there are two things I wear alot. One if a three strand pearl necklace I found at Walmart of all places. It is very pretty. And I love a scarf to fill in a neckline or to keep me warm in the winter. I wish we could go back to the days when ladies dressed up for church and other activities. I would love to see hats make a come back.

  3. I like the ideas for inspiring posts that you mentioned. The Sunday Best ensemble is very pretty and so feminine. My sister, Mildred, introduced me to your blog. I look forward to visiting again!

  4. Hi Jazzmin~~ sounds like you have been doing some thinking and soul searching in regards to your lovely blog. I look forward to all the new things you hope to share with us.
    I think your dress and accessories are lovely. It would be quite nice having modest dressing come back.

    I wanted to thank you for gracing your presence and loveliness at Stephanie's birthday. It was so good to see you!

    Much love to you~~

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  6. Good evening, precious Jazzmin! Ah, how I love popping in for a visit as you always bless and inspire me :)

    First of all, I just love the new picture on your sidebar. My dear friend, you are incredibly beautiful inside and out!

    Your blog sounds like it will be even more wonderful with the direction you want to take it. The photo of your great-grandmother's dress is oh-so-beautiful. How I wish we still dressed that way...such class and elegance!

    Thinking of you! May you have a blessed and joyous Lord's Day! Hugs!


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