Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Weekend Dress Up // Embroidery + Coral to go Antiquing

Happy new week!
I hope your week is off to a blessed start, friends,
and that your weekend was wonderful, as well!
There are some weekends you spend that just fill you with joy
in the little things and moments and you end it feeling like
you spent it so joyfully.  This weekend was like that for me.
I spent one day this weekend on a daytrip to a small town
with the loveliest historic downtown where I got to go to my
favorite antique store ever- which I have some photos to
share to follow this post☺
Today, I am sharing something from that day, but not quite yet
the town or antiques...
I am for now sharing my modest outfit that I wore that day!
Dressing prettily and modestly is so important to me, and as
I wrote recently, I am excited to start sharing more clothing
and style inspiration in ways that might inspire other girls and
ladies in any way when it comes to dressing modestly
and with femininity.  
I love going out on the weekends with my family
or for a shopping or antiquing with my mama, and with that
comes the chance to get a little more dressed-up
-or as I grew up saying, "gussied up"-
than on the regular week.
In Spring, I most love dressing up with outfits that include
modest, beautiful blouses and pops of bright colors!
My favorite outfit this weekend as I went antiquing was
vintage style jeans + embroidered blouse with this fun
pompom trim + pops of CORAL.  I LOVE coral.
Blouse: South Main
Bag:  thrifted
Tassel necklace: Walmart
Lip color: E.l.f. cosmetics
Charm bracelet: gift

This is one of my favorite charm bracelets because it
was a gift from my parents. It also mixes gold and silver so beautifully.
The necklace is one I just picked up last week and loved it,
especially for the price- I love how it mixed the sea green beads
with the coral tassel and even gold charms to add to it.

This blouse is a new piece of my wardrobe and
this was my first time wearing it.  I know it will get some good
use this summer because the fabric was so cool and lovely. 
(I noticed this photo has a white line across my blouse
and I'm not sure why as I know it isn't my waistband- I think
maybe it is the sun playing off the fabric?)

It was a lovely day and it adds even more fun to a day
to get a little dressed up to go "out on the town" and have lunch,
take a walk through a historic town, or do some shopping or antiquing.
We had a great time and it was a wonderful day.
I'll be posting soon about some of the goodies I picked up-
vintage delights were spread galore through the
antique mall and I got to take a few things home with me (smiles).
a preview of some of the beauty I was privileged to capture
that day while walking through the old town.
What was the best part of your weekend?
Is there a certain color or style you are loving wearing for your
spring style?
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Your outfit is precious Jazzmin!! I usually wear a pair of capris and top for weekend jaunts. I love black and white with pops of turquoise.

  2. Look at you so beautiful! I adore your blouse, as I wear black and white most of the time. Those two colors together to me are so elegant and classy. I have to say though, in the summer time I love the bright and fun colors..
    That was a darling bag you thrifted too.
    Our weekend was cold and snowy so my husband and I stayed in for the day Saturday by the fireside. It was lovely.
    Sunday after church we had a memorial service to attend for a dear friend. :(
    Your photos of the beauty in your area was a delight to see as we are a long way from seeing any blossoms here.

    So nice to visit with you, dear Jazzmin.


  3. Good Morning, dear Miss Jazzmin...
    Thank you so much for your caring words on my blog recently. I have wanted to stop by for a visit for so long...but have been busy with my father. He is currently in the hospital with pneumonia...but is making progress every day. God is so good...He has been a comfort to me through all of this...and then to have such sweet ladies praying all over the country...such a display of love...it fills my heart with joy.
    I just love your outfit! I can't wait to stop back soon and get a good look at all the sewing you've been doing...I am looking forward to getting back to some projects. I'm currently working on a baby quilt fashioned from my mama's cotton blouses...

    Hope you are enjoying a lovely day down South. It is a beautiful sunny day here in Maine...working in the garden and cleaning out the new chick's coop. Feeling so blessed...

    With love, prayers and thanks,
    Mrs. Laura


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