Friday, May 13, 2016

Blue Jay Beauty

Happy weekend to you!
I hope your week was truly blessed.
It was a VERY busy, but also joyful week spent, but what
a blessing to have the weekend here. 
Do you have any exciting plans?
The things I'm looking forward to this weekend
are simple joys of going to look for some new books,
particularly on wildlife, and do some creating in my free time.
   Wildlife is something so close
to my heart and being out of school means more time to read
at night (when I used to have to stay up to ungodly
hours writing papers and doing projects), which has been
so nice... so, I've been looking for new books to pore over and read
about the things that captivate me ☺
Internet troubles that have persisted due to construction
down the road and being so busy with life has been
the cause of my not getting to write nearly as much as I'd
like to... so I wanted to say hello,
wishes a wonderful weekend to you friends, and share
 a little something until I am able to post about what I said
I'd be back with in my last post!
And speaking of wildlife, what I am sharing is this photo...
The blue jays this spring seem to always be present in our
 back yard, to our delight.
I am enamored of the beauty of Gods handiwork in
His incredible creatures that we get to see in nature, and the
blue jays that have been gracing our back fence are
no exception.  I was finally just able to capture one with my
camera and am so excited to have gotten that chance so I can
continue to stare at their amazing color even after
they fly away!  So gloriously beautiful.
I could look out
our back door and sit on the back porch looking out for
hours just watching the different birds that gracefully fly up to
our fence.
It was so neat to be able to get especially close to this
one and gaze upon his colors... especially since I had been trying to do
so whenever I'd see one and they had been flying away pretty
quickly.  Blue birds (actual blue birds or birds that are blue alike)
are also meaningful to me, as I shared in a post a couple of years ago.
So seeing them always makes me smile because of that, too ☺
Prayers and hugs!
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and hoping
to be sharing my other post very soon.

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