Monday, June 27, 2016

Vintage Delights // Paper Dolls, Doris Day, and Fascinators

Happy new week, friends!

I am excited to (finally) be sharing today the vintage items
I've been talking about sharing photos of that I took
home with me on an antique-mall trip☺

First of all, if posts had dedications, I would have to
dedicate this one to my mama, who patiently waited for me as
I obsessively picked up and admired probably half
the items in the antique mall we visited that day.
She is right there with me in awe of everything and the
beauty there, but I probably took a little longer than I should have.

But oh was it fun!

Come with me to the delightful antique mall as I share
the goodies I picked up.

First are these glorious paper doll sets.
Oh, the sweet dreaminess of these...

For me, buying vintage items is all about the beautiful
thought that the item has a history to it and has encapsulated
within it the joy of someone else, like with these paper dolls,
the joy of some little girl from the 1950s who
took these home with sheer excitement and played with them
for hours on end.

The two sets I took home were Doris Day
and a bridal set.  I love all things bridal.
There were several others also, including Shirley Temple
and other fifties era sets, but these are the two I
decided on.

My mom has always told me how
she loved going in her room or the den of her house
and laying out all her paper dolls and dressing them
and just having a ball.
When I opened these, I could see why- I was amazed at just
how many pieces were inside!

Beautiful outfits galore, from ball gowns to dance costumes
to aprons and homemaking wear.

Doris Day is my favorite actress from her era and I can
just imagine the giddy delight of being a girl then and
bringing home her paper doll set...
which is pretty much how I felt when I found, even here
and now in 2016.

On this trip, I also got to add to my vintage photographs collection.
I collect photos like these and my favorites are the ones where
you can really see emotion or personality through someone's
eyes or facial expressions.
I love this one of a handsome, young man in his 
Navy uniform.  It doesn't show here, but there is a neat
metallic quality to the photo, almost like a tintype.

A little girl, perhaps in her Sunday best, in her
front yard. 
In the border, it reads: May 1953, S.A. (San Antonio), Tx.

And this treasure is my favorite I picked up on this trip...
there is no date, but from the clothing and architecture, I keep thinking it could be
around 1890's or somewhere around that time frame, but
I can't tell exactly.

Vintage brooch delights.  
I thought the black on gold brooch was so interesting
and ornate.

And this vintage beauty we found in one of the loveliest "booths"
at the antique mall, which was full of gorgeous vintage hats
from pillbox to elegant church hats to fascinators.
This one was less than ten dollars and we thought it would
be a neat addition to our craft/sewing room for vintage flair...
because there can never be too much of that.

And how pretty it looks displayed with our gloves
and pearls.  I do hope to wear it someday to church if I can
get my hair to look right in it.
Which may be harder than it looks... the ladies of those golden
eras when they wore hats and fascinators like these made
it look effortless, though.

This antique mall, located on a charming, historic main street
of an old town that is perfect for daytrips, is a place where I could 
spend countless hours going through all the
 different "shops" that are really within it...
since it's an antique mall, it is composed of items belonging to people
with consignment pieces who have their own "booth"/area 
and set up all their beautiful vintage items, from old books to clothes
and hats all the way back to the flapper era,
to records, to typewriters, to old farm tools from
the 1800's.
You can guarantee you'll find something you love in here no
matter what your fancy☺

I apologize for the quality of the photos below,
which were taken with my phone camera that day, but I couldn't help
 but share them just to show a peek at the coziness
and wonder of this place on the inside.

It's too wonderful for words...
All I know is I could spend literally every day in this place and
find something new and delightful.
  I am currently dreaming of the typewriter
I'd like to buy when I return (smiles).

I had fun sharing my vintage finds with you!

I'm hoping to go back very soon this summer, so I hope to share
more before too long.

Do you have a specific vintage or antique item that you
 look for or collect?

I hope your week is off to a wonderful beginning!

Blessings and hugs!


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vintage, Mysteries, & Other Inspirations of Lately

Hi dear friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful first full day of summer
and wonderful week so far!

It has been too long and how I have missed you, many sweet 
friends, and writing here.  I last posted about a month
ago as I saw today, and couldn't believe it had been so long...
between busyness and just plain being a bit exhausted lately
(from this Southern heat especially) and having so many internet connection
problems, along with also having a strained hand, my
blogging has faltered, but oh I've missed it.

Until that post I keep mentioning about my antique
store goodies (smiles), which I will share before too long, I thought
I would pop in to share a few things I have been loving
and that have been blessing me lately☺

...This is my first summer where I am not anticipating a new
school year as a student and it feels strange, but- aside from
family and work busyness- the loveliness about that somewhat strange
feeling (not to mention also the rarity of not being in
 summer classes!) is that I have a bit more time for the first time 
in so long to just...
to write, sketch, think, ponder, and read more than I ever
could when I was in school, because my mind was just constantly
going ALL the time then, thinking about what was due,
what my projects and assignments were about and just a plethora
of academic-related things.

But now my mind is resting from that to focus on other things...
many of which are lovely things that I dream of 
and think of and read...

Ahh, the simple sweetness of enjoying 
a cup of tea with a good book. 
 I have been reading book reviews of some books that
sound like such a deep and cozy read (especially those set in eras
gone by) and also have been left with recommendations
by many of your girls and ladies that I have put on my list.
Thank you for those! 
I am so excited to be reading delightedly, just enjoying
the delicious warmth of a good book as I go to sleep each night after
 so many years of nights of writing essays into the wee hours ;)

Mysteries and sleuthing!  I have always been a Nancy Drew
kind of girl and have a penchant for a good mystery- 
I have a list of books I'm hoping
to crack the spine on, of course, but lately I have been enjoying
the mystery movies that come on the Hallmark channel.
Have you seen any of them, or have a favorite mystery show or movie
your watch that you'd recommend?
We are enjoying these mysteries quite a bit.  Our favorite is a series titled
Garage Sale Mystery.  Some are more in-depth than others,
but all are charming and fun to watch if you enjoy a mystery.
I also quite enjoy Aurora Teagarden mysteries, especially
perhaps because she is a library and as a little girl, being
a librarian was something that always looked interesting to me
and ever so much fun (especially when they had
the good old fashioned stamps).
These mysteries are also all clean entertainment and refreshing
in that respect ☺

Vintage inspirations have wonderfully 
taken up space in my mind
as usual lately, as well... especially sewing and style-related.
Although I have mostly been thumbing through
vintage-themed books and magazine inspirations due to my internet
craziness, when it is working I love perusing vintage-loving
girls' blogs who share their creations. 
It is so fun to get ideas and admire their elegant style and creations.
One I love visiting is that the Boyer sisters, who set an
amazing example not only in style but in godliness.
They are a joy to visit.
I highly recommend their God-honoring, completely inspiring posts.
the middle sister of the three, who just announced her engagement!
So exciting!!

The sea is ever-presently on my mind, as has been
wildlife overall.  I have been soaking up studying the things
I love and this is perhaps my greatest passion of which I've
been feeding with photos, articles, and books lately.
This book (above) is an older book published with Nat'l Geographic
that I have been reading and one that inspires me in learning more
 and more about the glorious sea.
After visiting the beach this month and finding the most amazing specimens to
admire the beauty of up close, I am even more in love with marine
beauty that is God's creation than ever before.  This is a love
I am thankful to have grown up with.
Studying wildlife is close to my heart and every
aspect of nature and wildlife overall is so fascinating.

Having the chance to write in spare time has been such 
a blessing.  My little pieces of free time and moments throughout
the day- but mostly in the evening- are so often lately 
encompassed by writing, journaling memories 
and sweet, simple things, or working on writing
that I hope may even someday be published or that
I can share.
I just enjoy it and always have, and it calms my heart in
a similar way to my faith, which I also find a wonderful feeling
in writing about.
Along with writing, speaking of, definitely goes my joy
of journaling about my thoughts and devotions and faith-related
pourings of my heart- my dreams, hopes, goals.

Vintage inspirations also come in the form for me
this summer in delighting in the old-fashioned snapshots of the
"good ol' summertime", as they say (smiles).
I LOVE this one- are these girls not dressed in the cutest,
most modest swimsuits?  I love the nostalgic feeling of looking at
photos from the 40s and 50s of beach day smiles and
all-American, days-of-old, summer fun.
From an amateur seamstress point of view, it is also
neat to admire the fashions from then, especially to see
the wholesome beach-wear the classy ladies wore compared
to the present day when string bikinis and other swimwear
 leave so little to the imagination, to put it one way.

And finally, photography.
Nature photography captivates me so- everywhere you
turn, there is magic to be found when you look through your
camera lens.  Going to the beach made for the
opportunity to capture sea life and birds like sandpipers and
gulls. I loved capturing them sweeping over the waves like
in this photo I took on one of our days at the coast.
Getting out and taking photos of beautiful scenery makes
me happier than anything and more thankful than anything for
my new (it still feels new to me, anyway) camera.

These things have all been joyous to think on and enjoy
lately... making me think about how the essence of loveliness
is so often captured in being excited about something
as I am about these "lately" aspects of my life and thoughts...

It is a delight to have my fingers grace these keys
to get to say hello and write.

I hope you are having a wonderful week, lovelies!

What has been inspiring YOU lately?
What has you dreaming, daydreaming, or excited?

Hoping you have a wonderful day!

Your sister in Christ,


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