Friday, August 19, 2016

Beauty From Another Era

Hello, friends!
I do hope you had a lovely week!  How is it that Friday is already nearly upon us (or IS upon us now that you are reading this- this will make sense if you keep reading)?  For that matter, I keep thinking, how is it that blessed autumn is already nearly upon us?   I have had the joy of fellowship with several of you who have mentioned that you too are ready for fall to be here.

By the time you read this, sweet friends, (thanks to scheduled posting) I will be away from home and on a road trip!  I am filled with glee and anxious excitement to be taking a long-awaited trip and thankful to the Lord for times of rest such as this.  It is also quite a long drive, further than we have ever driven in one stretch, but I'm excited- being such a long drive, it would be a blessing to have any prayers for a safe trip☺  I am traveling to a most wonderful city along the Mississippi and cannot wait to take in the sights and beauty of one of America's most well known monuments and much more that we will be exploring... and I look forward to sharing about my adventures there!  If I am able, I also hope to share a photo or two on my Instagram.  I'd love to have you join me there.
But for now, I wanted to share a fun, simple post... I have been poring over anything and everything vintage fashion, and along with that comes vintage beauty.  With this, I was also reminded of reading an article about the enchantment and delight there is in being a little girl and then growing up into a young lady and so on and holding dear memories of watching your mother get dressed and do her makeup.  Isn't this so true?  I can remember fondly snippets of moments watching just that- it is so much about admiring your mother's grace and her heart and inner and outer beauty as a little girl and growing up with that ideal of those aspects of hers of which you hope to mirror.  And I think for many of us, that begins with watching our mothers in this way when we're little, such as seeing them dress up in their Sunday best for church or for a picnic... whatever it may be.  
This made me think much about how beauty today in its modern, more worldly form has lost a great deal of the charm and elegance of what it used to be.  Just think of the sweet gracefulness mixed with ladylike class that was the makeup and beauty and style of the ladies in the 30s, 40s, and 50s. I'm thankful for our mothers, grandmothers, and others who carried that on into later eras. 

Getting ready to go somewhere back then was an elegant affair, even in the way ladies organized their vanities and gently applied modest amounts of makeup that brought out just the right elements of their natural loveliness.
Ladies did their hair and makeup in ways then that exemplified beauty in modesty and classiness,
And I just love and am captured by those ways of eras gone by... thankfully preserved through old beauty films like these that I found so neat to watch!

When I think of the epitome of graceful beauty that ladies embraced in another era, it is often of images like in these lovely videos... and of them brushing their bouncing, curled hair, adding a flower or feminine clip, or even a hat or fascinator.  And as I shop more and more often at the antique mall I love, I am reminded of the care and delicacy with which things were made as I find old compacts and mirrors and vanity sets, so ornate and a work of art themselves... as they assisted lovely girls and ladies back then to create their own work of art as they dressed and groomed to go out.
That is, to me, beauty from another era.

Vintage style compact// one of my favorite lipsticks in Softshell Pink
by Revlon// a satin hair flower made by me
Did you find these films interesting?
What is your favorite beauty era?
I will miss you, dear friends, while I am gone, and look forward to saying hello again
when I return!  Have a most wonderful weekend ahead!
Many blessings always,



  1. Have a fun trip! I am now trying to guess where you are going. If it is Memphis, try Muddy's Bake Shop for the best cupcakes ever...and Corkys BBQ never disappoints.

  2. Some of my fondest memories are of watching my girls as they watched their great-grandmother apply her make-up and fix her hair. First of all, she used the old fashioned kind of rollers that had the little pin to hold them in place. Then she had a beautiful make-up table placed in between 2 windows. She'd roll her hair first thing in the morning, then go fix breakfast. Later she'd sit and take the rollers out after applying her make-up. My little girls would play with the rollers then grin as she let them put on some lipstick. You're so right about it being more of a slow process back then. I love your pics! Can't wait to hear about your trip along the mighty Mississippi! You need to come on over to Alabama some time.

  3. I enjoyed your post today and hope you have a great trip. I remember a fancy hairbrush, comb, and mirror set on grandmother's dressing table, and beautiful antique perfume atomizers!

  4. Jazzmin,
    I just wanted to let you know I replied to your comment on my blog.
    Thank you so much for commenting!

  5. Love the colour of the lipstick! Pretty♥


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