Monday, August 15, 2016

Outfit // Fifties Garden

 Happy new week, dear friends!
I hope very much that your weekend was wonderful and your week is off to a blessed start.
What a joyful weekend it was with a good balance of work and relaxation.
I think those are the best kind of weekends that I feel like I enjoy most.  It seems a weekend
doesn't feel nearly as fun unless I'm working on some sort of project or delving into some
new venture.  But lying on the couch with my puppy and watching a good mystery or classic
is so nice, as well.  This weekend it was an Abbot & Costello film. 
We have several of their films and I love sitting down to watch them because they bring back
memories of watching them years ago and all through my childhood and of eras past.
The one we watched last night had an especially cozy setting and even a cameo from the
 Andrews Sisters, which I had forgotten about and greatly enjoyed.
But I guess I didn't sit down to write about that
(although I could (smiles)), so onto the outfit☺ 
This weekend, as I ran some errands and worked around the house for the
most part, I wore a comfortable yet fun outfit that, for me, had a vintage feel because of my
 black ankle pants with white polka dots that felt fifties-esque (reminding me of the cute pants
I remember seeing worn with tunics or button ups by ladies of past eras, like on I Love Lucy).
But this outfit also made me smile because, as I put it together, it had reminders of
a sweet garden with bright floral and colors that felt lovely
 and cheery for a summer's day.
  With black and white garments, like stripes or polka dots like my ankle pants,
my favorite color to pair along with that piece of clothing is bright pink.  I just love
the fun feel of pink, black, and white together.  So, I added a plain pink tee and a white, long
 cardigan.  I love the length of it, as it makes an outfit especially modest with more
coverage in back.
 This satin fabric flower is one I made awhile ago.  I delighted in making fabric flowers
with my momma and adorning their centers with pins or buttons that were beauties and had
a bit of an old-world feel, and this one is perhaps my favorite.  It is both a hair clip and
a brooch/pin that you can clip onto any jacket or dress.
This flower brooch echoed the garden and floral tones I was already loving within
the print on my bag.

The polka dots in my pants were mirrored by a subtle polka dot accent of my hair tie
and the pink throughout my outfit, both in my bag and shirt, was added to with these pink
 earrings made from buttons with a surface that seems to glow.

Cardigan // Target- Mossimo
Pants // Old Navy (Pixie style)
Tee // Given to me
Bag // Betsey Johnson
Sandals // Thrifted- Laundry List
Earrings // made by me from buttons
Flower Brooch // made by me
Sometimes you wear an outfit that just feels unequivocally cheerful as you go through
your day and makes you smile inside, and this simple, yet colorful outfit was that
for me when I wore it this weekend.  I also love an ensemble that is modest and feminine
while also being relaxed and comfortable, and this felt exactly that to me.
I am also enjoying wearing clothing that is summery before the weather begins
to turn, which I'm very much looking forward to!  How about you?
The South has been brutal this summer, but we are praising the Lord for the amazing
blessing of a few cloudy, rainy, cozy days and a high of 80 right now.
I hope that you all have a wonderful week☺
May I also say what a blessing each of you and your friendship has been to me.
Friendship and the loving ladies I have come to know have been on my thoughts
and I just want to thank you for your sweet friendship.  This is something that
needs no occasion to mention or be thankful for, but is just a blessing
that is always present when you have a chance to meet blogging friends who share
 their Christ-like kindness and their light, like so many of you I have gotten to know.
Are you excited for fall and wearing cozy clothes soon?
Have you ever made fabric flowers?
Are you a fan of old mystery films or Abbott and Costello?
Many hugs, dear friends!


  1. Jazzmin, your brooch reminded me of many school teachers I had growing up. They always had a brooch for every outfit.( usually dresses back then). I made some fabric flower pins that I used on scarves. You mentioned watching Abbott and Costello and that reminded me of my three children who loved to watch the movie, The Secret Garden. I believe they would have watched it every day! Sweet memories. I am looking forward to fall and I was going through my closet yesterday just looking to see what pieces I might need to pick up before the start of the season. I am going to hit one of my favorite consignment stores today to see if I can find some slacks. I enjoy your blog and your instagram. Blogging friends truly are the best.

  2. What a cute outfit! You always look so classy. I love your style.

  3. Hi Jazzmin, Oh what a darling outfit and looks comfy and cheerful too. I love the flower you made with the brooch center. You are blessed to be able to enjoy crafts such as this with your dear Mom. You look radiant in your pink top and I almost always carry a cardigan with me, as I usually am cold in restaurants! lol
    I do love Autumn best of all. I look forward to seeing your wardrobe this fall and any new crafts you make. I do love mysteries (movies and books) especially on rainy days. You are a lovely young lady and an inspiration. I, too, cherish my Christian blog sisters and it is a joy to visit thru blogging.

  4. Oh, dearest Jazzmin! What a sweet post this was indeed...I enjoyed hearing of your lovely weekend...I agree that Saturdays and Sundays are most delightful when they are filled with a little work and some blissful leisure time...{{smiles}}

    You create the most beautiful, feminine outfits! And you look so lovely in pink too... I love pink ever so much but seldom wear it as it doesn't quite suite me, sadly..{{sniffs}} What gorgeous earrings too... I am an avid wearer and collector of earrings and am always on the lookout for new pretties... Don't you think that they just complete an outfit so wonderfully?? {{smiles}}
    You made this beautiful brooch...? Oh! How creative you are, is ever so lovely! are such a dear, sweet friend to me and I am truly grateful for your friendship in this wonderful world of blogging! How delightful it would be to be ''in person'' friends... Ah... Thank you for always sharing love and sunshine everywhere you go and for your words of kindness on my blog!

    It is a joy to know you and read your thoughts here... I send you ever so much love and a great big hug on this Wednesday morning!


  5. My dear, sweet, and lovely are you? Forgive me for missing a few of your posts {shame on me}. I so enjoyed catching up a little bit and my, what a delightful post this was! Yur brooch is simply lovely and I adore the royal blue color - very elegant! And you, dearest Jazzmin, are truly stunning! I agree with Kelly-Anne, you create the loveliest outfits. You are such a lady, my friend, and it's a blessing to have you share your beauty with us.

    Thank you for the kind and thoughtful comments on my blog. Oh, how I love reading your heartfelt words. Enjoy your week! Much love to you!


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