Friday, September 23, 2016

Current Style Inspiration: 1910s, 20s, and 30s

Hello, dears!!

My absence here has felt to me as if it were months, perhaps because when I am not
writing on my blog and visiting you all, I do miss it so!  Although it has not been
quite that long, it has been around  a month. I can't believe it is about  that long since
I left on my summer roadtrip.  I have been back for a several weeks, and a very busy
few weeks it has been- but how much sweeter that has 
made returning to my blog and getting to hopefully catch up with
many of you dear friends soon☺  
I had a most wonderful and memorable trip!  Our destination was
the great city of St. Louis, MO.  We made so many amazing memories and I am
thankful to have captured many of them with a barrage of photos I took,
many of which I am excited to share with you as soon as I'm able!

I truly hope you are all well!!  I hope your September has been blessed so far,
as well as your first official day of the Autumn season.
I know many of you are ready for the golden graces of autumn to be here,
as am I!  It is something I think of quite constantly lately, dreaming of those 
brisk, cooler days to come, and thinking of all that comes with them.
I know some of you in places such the west or on the east coast are
likely already experiencing the cooler temperatures and resplendent hues
of fall.  If you are, please send some to the central South ;)

.             .            .

Today, I wanted to just share something I've been enjoying
reading up on the history of and admiring- my current style inspiration:
the beautiful fashions of the early 1900's, especially the 20s, and 30s.
And as is so often the case, this is inspiring me in my personal style and search
for beautiful, modest styles, as well as beauty... and sewing aspirations!

If you've read here for sometime, you may know that I have a great love for vintage
fashion, which I know I share with many of you.  I delight in the dress of
yesteryear and days gone by, with their ladylike essence.
I must admit that the turn of the century and early 1900's fashions have always
been beautiful to me, but I have, for the most part, loved the styles of the 40s
and 50s more than any other, with their beautiful prints, the flared skirts
and crinoline, light, cheerful silhouettes, and accompanying makeup styles.

...but most recently I must say I have come to love more and more the
sleek loveliness and different feel of the early 1900s (through the 30s)
and the fashion that hails from those eras- 
the sleeker silhouettes of the clothing and the loveliness of the balance of
demure and elaborate, with the intricately beaded dresses!  Ah, those gowns
of beading and ornate lace details.

Although I have always loved the history of fashion and distinct eras,
I am certainly no expert, but I did try to put some of my favorite inspirations
of the early 1900s into categories by decade to share the beauty I have been
admiring so much.

The 1910s:

Actress from the era, Miss Lily Elsie.  You can't do a search for turn of the century
fashion without her name or photo coming up.  What a lovely lady.

There is so much delicacy and artistry to be appreciated in the fashion of this
era.  Perhaps the most notable and memorable event of the 1910s was the sinking of
the Titanic- I've always had a deep interest in the Titanic and having read several
books about it, I have admired the beauty in the photos of its passengers on pages
of those books that so enthralled me.  In one such book I have, there is also a section
on some of the oh so pretty ensembles worn in the film.  The Titanic seems to be
an era in itself, both in lifestyle and aesthetics and fashion.
The trademark empire waist and elaborate fabrics are truly beautiful to look at.

It's interesting to me how the waists of dresses dropped down to the hips in this era,
as in the quintessential 20s style of the flapper dresses.  Deep, rich colors
were prolific in the garments, as well, something I think adds such loveliness and class.
I also love the beautiful cloches that were so present in the early 1900's.

I believe when I think of the 1930s, I think of the dresses and fashions
the ladies in The Waltons wore.  That just automatically comes to mind.
Looking through old fashion catalogs and vintage photographs from the era,
I dare say maybe the thirties was certainly one of the most modestly dressed decades
of the century. The hemlines and necklines were quite modest in measurement
and I think the place where the waistline hit on dresses from this era
was so lovely and flattering.  The fashion of these years seemed to include a
gradual increase in the flare of the skirt, as well as a balance
of simplicity and detail.

Late 30s.


With the thirties, I admire the elegant simplicity of the clothes that ran from
the "plainer" dresses and day-wear such as Olivia Walton's dresses into the
cut and fit of the suits and gowns.

It is hard to pick a favorite era for fashion.  There are so many delicate touches
and feminine details within the styles and garments so beautifully worn
in each era.  Which is your favorite?

Are you being inspired by a particular era in your dress?

I do hope you have a most wonderful weekend!!


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