Friday, October 14, 2016

Lately // Old Hollywood & Cozy Autumn Mornings

Hooray for the weekend!
  Happy Friday to you all, sweet friends!
While I work on my first post in sharing the delights of my St. Louis trip,
I thought I would share a post of my "lately"☺
There are so many sweet moments in the days right now and simplicity
that is a joy, and the ethereal beauty of even the sunsets and the light of
each day seems lovelier in this blessed time as the seasons transition and fall
comes to grace us with its amber glow and glorious leafy briskness.

The Old Hollywood era with its encompassing elegance in the days of old
style and vintage style, and especially the ornately beautiful dresses, has been
a captivating interest to me.  So, I was so excited when I saw this book at the bookstore
last weekend at an unbelievable price, and for the cherry on top, they were 
having a twenty percent off sale for educators (which certainly made me appreciate my
choice to pursue teaching for my degree if I didn't before (smiles))!
Enjoying an old-fashioned soda and gazing at the pages of elaborate fashion of
Old Hollywood as I got inspiration for my style and sewing was truly relaxing
 time spent.
 Someone had to join in on relaxing in the grass, as that is kind of her
specialty.  Or maybe she was just waiting for me to open my coke? ;)
This plant blooms the cheeriest, little, yellow flowers and grows only a few
feet away from where I was sitting to read beneath our Post Oak.  It looked particularly
bright and perky that day, and I couldn't help photograph it, which was right
when Lucie decided to join in again as she walked up the front walk, dappled
with the morning sun.

Mornings have been a blessed time and I enjoy them so in autumn and winter
especially, such a time of renewing your spirit for a new day.  Now that I have graduated,
in this, my first fall not spent in school in 17 years, mornings have a different
feelings, a splendor to them of not being quite so rushed that I am so thankful for. 
I am also thankful for bible reading to start our day at the breakfast table
and times like this to follow... a ginger crisp or other fall candle burning, 
hot cocoa, and autumn inspiration.

Walking through Hobby Lobby and realizing that the patterns are on sale.
Ninety-nine cent patterns are just too wonderful and too much of a dream to pass,
so it seems that even when we think we have bought all the we need or want in the way
of patterns, we sit down with the catalog and find yet a few more.  I truly love
the vintage collection from Simplicity, and although I didn't find one from the
vintage collection on our most recent trip, we did pick these few.
I am rather excited at the prospect of a Regency-inspired dress and am imagining
the menagerie of glorious fabrics that could be used for such a project.

Ah, creating with my hands and practicing my lettering.  How much I have
enjoyed this in the past year really, but as of late, I am having an extra bit of fun with
this since I have been making some new signs for autumn decor.
I have been enthralled in creating, period, and have spent many delightful
free moments happily lost within my sketchbook or in writing, specifically
autumn-inspired and other poetry.

 My life has also changed much since last year (for some reason I'm 
thinking of these in this post suddenly☺...) in that I am able to exercise quite
a bit more often.  This is a great blessing.  It isn't necessarily that I am less busy,
but I am less stressed and because of that I don't feel as much pressure to have
everything done perfectly for the next day of school or interning.
I feel more like I can comfortably allow myself an hours or so a few times a week
to walk or jog or do something active that I enjoy without worrying that
I won't finish that essay in time or that I need to be researching something for
a project that is due soon.  
Jogging at the scenic park that is walking distance from our house makes
it more enjoyable to exercise, as well, especially with scenes like this
and even wildlife in a few places along the different areas of the stream.
This bird, which I believe is either an egret or crane species, makes his home
in the ecosystem within the park, and he's there most of the days that we go, often
perched in this same spot. He's so graceful and elegant in his stature.
One day a couple of weeks ago after running, I decided to go home and get my camera
and I was so happy that he hadn't moved at all and was in the same picturesque
spot and pose when I returned.

That is a little peek into my recent days and weeks and beginnings of autumn.
Is it just me, or is it hard to believe it is already the new season and before
we know it, it will be Thanksgiving?!
I'm having a bit of trouble wrapping my mind around that, but I'm
also looking quite forward to all that is to come.

What has your "lately" looked like?
What are you enjoying most about fall thus far?

May your weekend be filled with blessings!


  1. I look forward to seeing some of your sewing projects Jazzmin. My lately has consisted of a lot of cross stitch and actually finishing some of the myself instead of taking them to the framer. Thanks to finding Flosstube on You Tube, I have upped my cross stitch game. And the fall weather does make exercise so much more enjoyable.

  2. Oh, hello dear friend! I have missed you...what a busy, whirlwind few weeks it has been! I am so glad for a chance to sip a delicious cup of coffee and catch up with you, dear is a breath of fresh air to stop by and enjoy your words and pictures! And you are always so lovely to leave kind words on my don't know how much I appreciate it...what a wonderful thing to have ''met'' you in this delightful community of bloggers! {{smiles}} I am sorry for being so scarce of late...but believe me, you weren't far from my thoughts!
    You have been busy...but oh, what a happy thing for you to have more time for simple things in this season of your life...savour it, dear Jazzmin! What a blessing to discover patterns on sale....I must say, I love the look of these and hope to see a finished regency dress modelled by you in the not-too-distant-future! {{smiles}} And oh my...your pictures are so beautiful...whenever I stop by, it feels as if I am sipping a cup of tea with you in person and listening to you describe the lovelies in your life! And Jazzmin...your lettering is gorgeous! You are truly creative...and such a sweet inspiration to me indeed! Oh yes, I feel so refreshed...ah...
    Well, I must bid you farewell and see to some evening chores... Thank you for a delightful peek into your world! Thinking of you lots and sending big hugs your way... May the Lord give you a blessed Sunday!
    Hugs always,


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