Friday, March 10, 2017

How I Love Stepping Back in Time

Dear friends, 
I truly hope you are well!

Has your weather been turning to spring where you are?
Or is still feeling chilly (if you're here in the U.S.)?
It is beginning to feel quite a lot like spring here in the South,
with wildflowers shooting up all along the roads and vivid green grasses
 filling  the sides of the trails and sidewalks at the park once again.

I was thinking about it the other day, and realized that the last time 
I pressed "publish" here, it was closer to the beginning of winter and now
Father Winter has almost gone away for the year.  It has been nearly two months...
how I always miss writing and visiting all of you lovely, sweet friends I've
made through blogging when I am absent for a time.

This year so far has simply been just busy each day with full days- both with
challenges and trying things and then wonderful ones as well-
and spending time deepening my faith, creating, working, refocusing, pondering,
and working to balance my time to be most well spent
...and amidst all of that and then my ever more frequent wireless
 internet troubles, I have found less and less time to be able to be online.
 And while that is a blessing in disguise  in one regard, I do love blogging
 and sincerely miss it when time gets away from me.

As I've shared before, in some of my free time, one thing I greatly enjoy
is finding, collecting, and learning about history through antique photos...
getting to have a virtual portal to the world as it was in
the 30s, 40s, 50s, and even earlier, to get a sense of the eras I dream of
or even a glimpse into the narrative of the wars or other
major historical events of those years so long ago.

I have added many to my collection recently (and also am thinking about starting a
small online shop to sell some to other history and vintage lovers) and thought
I would share a few that I picked up most recently...
for those of you who also enjoy vintage loveliness and stepping back in time
to those fascinating old eras through antique photos ☺

I hope you enjoyed these.   Ahh, I just love taking in the qualities and facets of
 the time periods and eras in each photo I find... 
stepping into that moment in a way as I gaze upon the fashions worn, 
expressions of each person, and characteristics of the time.
Thinking about where those people were and what they were doing, 
celebrating, thinking... it is so neat and so interesting.

And perhaps my favorite part is the privilege of holding onto and protecting
these moments and memories of others who have passed on...
by caring for their photos and collecting them, those faces inside each
photograph are never forgotten, and neither are the moments.

I hope to be on again as soon as I'm able.
Until then, many hugs and blessings to you all!

Love in Christ,


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