Thursday, June 22, 2017

My Godly Role Models

Happy almost weekend!

I hope your week has been joyful and blessed.
I am so delighted to be writing today and to share something on
my heart in a post I have been working on in the moments I have
been free over the past several weeks.

Before I get to that, though, oh what a lovely Spring we have had this year,
 lovelier than any other I remember in terms of wildlife and the nature blooming
 all around- I can't tell you how sweet it has been to see more birds than I ever
have, all in our backyard.  Alas, summer has crept in slowly
and our temperatures have soared this week, but I'm thankful for air
conditioning and lemonade as we head into this summer.
How is the weather where you are?

.          .           .

Lately, thoughts revolving around identity have rested on my heart,
something I have been pondering for years- I feel like growing up and
living through the years of 16 or so into your 20's (and surely beyond)
is such a strong period for having realizations of the type of identity
you want to have...  essentially what threads you want to make up the
 embroidery of your character as a young woman.

I'm thankful for growing up in a bible- and faith-based home... eternally thankful.
There were times that, in earlier years, being at perhaps the most impressionable
age in the early teens and also being in school, there were influences that
sometimes led my thinking to places that made me feel I should be
more like certain individuals that the world accepted and praised.
But I am so thankful that God was still always the foundation that gave me
the reasoning to get away from that thinking that would have led me
into places I surely did not want to ever go.

And in those years and up to now, I have been so truly blessed
by the right influences that I feel were put in front of me to show me the
type of woman I wanted to grow into.... a godly woman most of all.
In fact, a year or two ago, I was compelled as I pondered this very thing while
writing in my journal one day, to make a list on a sticky note (to
always have in the back of my current journal) of the women whom I admire,
from characters portrayed in film to bible characters and women I
have known in my life, for certain qualities they display.
Each time I open up that back cover of my journal and gaze at that list,
I am encouraged and inspired, and it is a list I keep adding to.

.           .           .

While I of course admire the work, pursuits, & passions of countless others-
such as women through history who have been teachers, writers & poets,
marine biologists (Eugenie Clark the Ichthyologist, for example), naturalists,
historians, abolitionists, brave ladies like the WASPS of WWII,
or fictional girls and ladies I grew up admiring (like the intelligent,
shrewd Nancy Drew, or the charming and witty Anne Shirley), as well as
others who have been a part of eras and fields that captivate me-
 my list here encompasses those whose qualities and individual character
reflect values, godliness, and inherent goodness that have influenced me most.

Some of those influences are what I want to share today-
a few of the women who became my truest role models and
whose character I hope reflects in my own life...

Caroline "Ma" Ingalls-
for her always selfless attitude, love and care for her family with a joyful spirit, 
her strength and determination through trials, and most of all her dedication to
the Lord and to teaching her children about Him and to have a 
foundation in Him.

Ruth from the bible-
for her giving and caring heart and selflessness as she loyally stayed with Naomi,
her mother-in-law, and showing a godly spirit with a servant's heart that I admire;
her strength of character is truly an inspiration to me as I seek God.
Ruth is also tied to one of my favorite bible verse, in which she tells Naomi
that she is devoted to her and will stay and care for her always: 
"And Ruth said, 'Intreat me not to leave thee, or to return from
following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go;
and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people,
and thy God my God.'" -Ruth 1:16

Livvy Singleton from The Magic of Ordinary Days-
If you have seen the film, you know that Livvy's circumstances and some of her
choices start out as not ideal, while she also struggles with inner turmoil and
decision making as to which direction her life will go as she deals with her situation.
  But she grows and matures into a woman who is more and more selfless, 
comes to deal with the hurt of having done something out of loneliness
that was not characteristic of herself, and has a caring, compassionate spirit,
helping those she meets in the film in any way she can and also taking
joy in serving her family and caring for the farm and home.
As an added bonus, I admire and relate to her character as a knowledge-seeker
and lover of learning about archaeology and historic artifacts, areas of
study that fascinate me and leave me awe-inspired, as well.
(And did I mention her 1940's fashion? If you watch the movie, you
may drool a little over every one of her wardrobe pieces shown if you
have an affinity for that era.)

Olivia Walton-
for her immense strength in character as she worked tirelessly to
make her home a welcome fortress and a place of warmth and goodness for
her family, especially her children, and her grace and poise in all she did.
Her faith was a monumental part of her life and she laid down her heart and
her worries in all she and the Walton family dealt with.
Mrs. Walton was also even-tempered, generous, kind, a great encourager,
and loving, even during trying difficulties and hardships as her family lived 
through wars, family tragedies, and other great trials throughout the years.

Laura Ingalls Wilder-
for her strong family values and treasuring of the simple, old-fashioned things,
especially leading a life of honesty & faith, intentional living, the importance of 
traditions, caring and kindness, and treasuring memories and where you come from.
I also admire so much so Laura's attitude of self-sacrifice in caring
for her sister, Mary, and putting her family first, both as herself as a character
in her enchanting books and I'm sure as the person she was in real life.

.            .           .

It is so easy to get wrapped up in what we want to pursue and do with our lives,
but I am so grateful to have learned through that process that to take a step back
 and get back to who you we are in Christ is the absolute best way
to truly figure out your purpose and your identity.
Placing my hope for the future and my life in God is the one sure
way that I have found leads to being the best version of myself as I was
created to be.

Choosing and learning from role models who display a lifestyle,
manner, faith, and strength reflecting godly character has been an immense
blessing to me, especially at the key times during growth and development
toward becoming the young woman I hope to be.
Whether biblical, fictional, or living, these role models and their
admirable qualities have inspired me so positively in becoming who I
DO want to be as I leave behind and try to avoid the "role models"
the world admires who, for me, are the type of woman I DON'T want to be.

My true role models are women who bring me back to my roots and my faith.

I strive to grow toward God in my character and toward
my precious Savior, and I am thankful for lessons and examples that
have led me here- to realize I want to be a woman who most of all honors:
Faith, Family, Tradition, Roots, Old-fashioned Values,
and trusts the Lord above all.

Others in my personal life God has blessed me with as the greatest examples
to me in my identity and character are my mom, my paternal grandmother,
Patricia Ann, my aunts, and ladies I grew up admiring in church...
And may I say that so many of you whom I have
had the privilege of getting to know or have read your posts have become
role models to me as well, in modesty and dress, Christ-like identity,
and having a spirit of pure-heartedness and serving others:
Stephanie, Sarah, Debbie, Tammy M. Grace, Joy, Tammy S., Kelly-Anne, Tyrie,
Dianna, Arlene,  Mildred, the Boyer Sisters, Jerralea, and Hannah,
to name a few.

What a treasure it is to seek inspiration from pure and good individuals,
characters, and others God has placed in our lives or allowed us to see.
In the toughest moments, sometimes their personas even become
a strength and a light of encouragement.

Who are your role models, or who were they when you
were growing up?

I hope you are having a wonderful first week of summer,
dear friends!

Blessings to you,



  1. This is such a lovely post, Jazzmin! Caroline Ingalls is definitely one of my role models, especially at this time in my life. Her quiet, gentle spirit and love inspire me for sure.

  2. Another Laura Ingalls Wilder fan here!! I still enjoy her books to this day and I am 62 years old!!

  3. Thank you for your sweet comment Jazzmin! It truly blessed my heart. : )

  4. Jazzmin, I meant to comment when I first read this post but better late than never! I adore all your choices! I've been a big Laura Ingalls Wilder fan ever since I learned to read. Little House in the Big Woods was like one of my first chapter books.

    Thanks for including me with your list of bloggers. It is an honor.

    You are such a beautiful soul, Jazzmin. I know God has big plans for you!


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