Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Made By Me // Electric Pink and Lace

Happy September!  I hope the start of the new month has been a wonderful one for you, dear friends.  I sit here typing with exhilaration inside me as I ponder over the fact that such an illustrious season so full of wonder is nearly upon us, autumn.  It is sheer delight to dream of the cooler temperatures and know they are imminent, as well as to be experiencing the first touches of it with our first "cool front" today!  It is supposed to last for a few days and is a true blessing.  Has the weather begun to change yet where you are? 

Although I am so looking forward to fall, I must admit that in matters of fashion and sewing aspirations, I am still feeling summery in my thinking.  I am so attracted to the whimsy and elegance of wearing some of my favorite summery prints, especially butterflies, floral, and bright shades.

.           .          .

I am excited today to get to share a sewing project I finished earlier this summer.  It took me months off and on to finish due to the fullness and busyness of life, but getting back to it and finishing this project made me realize so much just to what degree I missed sewing.  And that is not to say that I felt that way because I felt it was turning out perfectly- in fact, my tunic didn't end up fitting quite as I intended, but I still had such fun sewing it and putting it together that I was reminded of the delight of that feeling.  My first outing wearing my new creation was also ever so delightful a day, spent walking through one of my favorite old towns we visit when we can, where we had lunch over the river.

The aspect of this pattern I enjoyed most was challenging myself a bit.  I definitely still consider myself a beginner seamstress.  The cut and style of this blouse was one of the more difficult things I have taken on, but I loved doing something different and working with the different panels and a bit of pleating to form the finished piece.  I also relished in picking out the loveliest white lace and seeing it contrast so sweetly and femininely with the pink, sheer fabric.

My favorite part of the blouse, specifically wearing it, is the look and feel of the wide sleeves trimmed in lace.  They are oh so summery.  As for buttons, I searched for an option that would compliment the sweet feel of the lace I had chosen, and these were fun and so pretty, with a pearly finish and design and finished with a subtle rhinestone in the middles.

The pattern I used was McCalls 7128.  Although it said "easy" and was indeed relatively simple in the architecture and style of the blouse, I think the major difficulty was this fabric.  I chose this fabric solely because of the brilliant pink, whilst not considering much the way the fabric would behave with the cut of the pattern, or the way it would slip on top of itself as I sewed.  Needless to say, it was not the best fabric choice as far as that went,  but I'm happy I used it in the end since it did challenge me more and because I love the way the fabric ended up falling due to its light, sheer nature and the flowy, blousiness. ☺

Hanging up and finished, against the morning light streaming softly through the window and the fabric, the delicate quality of it seemed even lovelier, while also having its color so beautifully amplified, in a way.  Had I been more skilled at doing so, I might have added a liner inside the blouse so as not to have to wear an under-layer, but wearing a tank beneath it is an easy fix.  I just need to find one of a similar color so it blends well with the pink.

And as you might be able to tell, upon finishing, I just could not stop admiring the intricate loveliness of the lace, especially as the silkiness of it was highlighted by the light coming through my window.  Ahh, lace.  I am dreaming of future projects with more lace trim, especially because of the elegance and somewhat vintage aesthetic I feel it adds, no matter what the style of garment.

I was so excited to finish this piece this summer and enjoyed the process and learning from it so much, as I do with each new item I sew.  I await perusing some of my favorite sewing books for inspiration for some new projects this weekend, and I look forward to looking through fall patterns I picked up recently, as well.

What projects have you finished recently, sewing or otherwise?

Do you like lace trim on your clothing?

As I get ready to hit "publish" on this post, I am excited to have my schedule 
be slightly less hectic as the autumn approaches and to get to sit here and write
this with the hope of getting to do so more regularly again. 
  This summer has been a whirlwind- so full of the nicest memories and
 wonderful days- but truly busy, so this is a great feeling. I have been blessed to
live a summer of exploring and taking in nature and history in new places,
so I have been busy in the best way, but I have missed blogging,
visiting you, and having the joy of sharing.

Have a joyous rest of your week!

Love in Him,



  1. It is lovely! But yes that is a difficult fabric to work with! My mother always referred to that type of fabric as "crawly". It wiggles all over the place! So kudos for a lovely finish! My only sewing has been finishing some craft projects!

  2. Gorgeous! You have done an excellent job. I admire seamstresses ... because I have no patience to work with fabric.

    Love the lace and buttons you chose.

    (Sorry if I posted twice ... It looked like my previous comment didn't post.)

    Also, I wanted to thank you for dropping by the Journey. It's always special when you join the conversation!

  3. My dear, sweet Jazzmin, it's been much too long since I have paid you a visit. Oh, forgive me, dear friend!

    First of all, please know that I think of you OFTEN! And I greatly appreciate your lovely visits and comments to my blog. You are a good friend, Jazzmin.

    Secondly, what a stunning blouse! My oh my, what beautiful work you do and the lace, be still my heart! It's absolute perfection :) I so enjoyed reading through your posts this evening and catching up with you.

    I hope you're doing well and enjoying this month of November. Take care and know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Much love to you!


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