Friday, November 2, 2018

Where Canyon Meets Sky

Happy Friday, friends!  I hope your autumn days are treating you well and have been crisp and lovely where you are.  In the past week and a half or so, the leaves have started to fall here more than ever.  I woke up one morning and was amazed at how the yard, in what seemed to be just overnight, had suddenly become a carpet of leaves!   Ah, such bliss there is in this season as she changes the scenery from green to gilded gold. 

As we enjoy the new season and its wonder to behold, I still have with me such pleasant recent memories from the end of summer, when we traveled to a most beautiful destination and explored, hiked, and immersed ourselves in the Lord's handiwork.
What a time of fun and family time it was, a road trip and vacation I am so grateful to have had.  We spent time in a beautiful canyon in the Texas panhandle.  Come hiking and exploring with me as I share photos from our adventure out in the wild, rugged beauty of the russet red canyon-land (and meet a tiny friend along the trail).☺
What glorious views we took in and such sweet we memories made.  While we ended up picking a day for this long hike that was nearly 100 degrees (since every day of summer in Texas is pretty much at least 100 degrees or over), it was still so enjoyable and such therapy for the mind and soul to feel so small amid such a wondrous, vast landscape.  And as a cherry on top, I felt so thankful to have such a land of grandeur in which to grow in my photography.  This was my first time taking my "new" camera to this biome and seeing this type of scenery through my lens.  It is places like there where I find myself thanking God humbly for the very fact that I get to be there at that moment to set my eyes upon the scene He has painted before me.

"On the glorious splendor
of Your majesty, and on 
Your wondrous works,
I will meditate."
-Psalm 145:5

.            .             .

Another part of our vacation was spent doing some exploring in the area around the historic "Mother Road", a.k.a. Route 66!  From the most nostalgia-filled, amazing vintage RV and Travel Museum to walking down the antique strip on actual Route 66, it was ever so much fun... especially if you're like me and often wish you were born in that era.
The museum was even complete with a mid-century fillin' station in the back, as well as the actual 1940s Flxible Bus (above) that was used in the movie "RV" with Robin Williams.  It was so neat to walk around in it and even sit in the driver's seat and take a few photos.

.           .           .

A stroll down Route 66 with its murals and historic points and markers, including a restaurant established in 1946 that had just about one of the best burgers I've ever eaten- not to mention fries.  Walking down this street was a lot of fun, as was dressing a bit vintage-inspired that day, perhaps wanting to immerse myself a bit more in the sheer delight of being on Route 66.

.           .          .

And if you've ever been to the Amarillo area or traveled Route 66 in general to visit tourist spots, you may have heard of a place called Cadillac Ranch.  It is quite a quirky place, an art installation of sorts that has been here since the 70s.  It is basically composed of ten Cadillacs sticking up out of the dirt in a pretty barren pasture area along the highway, and visitors use spray paint to decorate, write, or add whatever they would like onto the cars to leave behind their mark.  We had a little extra time near the end of our trip, so we figured "why not?" ....and we made our way out there to see it.  
My parents walking toward the Cadillacs. It isn't everybody's cup of tea, but it's definitely an interesting sight, and it was fun to see what art visitors and tourists had added to the cars, as well as simply the layers and layers from decades of painting. It was also nice seeing how all walks of life visit this place, from college students adding to the art and climbing on the Cadillacs to retired couples traveling across the country who had stopped by.

.            .            .

The last part of my travel post that I want to share is a peek at a simple, but lovely element of my trip... the vintage travel aesthetic that made this vacation all the more fun.  This was the maiden voyage of my Lady Baltimore (late 50s - early 60s era) suitcase, complete with silky lining and pockets of the good ol' days.  I was pretty head-over-heels for this suitcase when I found it in my favorite antique store, and I loved imagining being a girl on a 1950s summer excursion as I carried it.  And perhaps most of all, I love pondering its possible history (my favorite part of owning any antique) and thinking of where it may have been taken in all the years it was used long ago before it came to me.  Surely it was enjoyed by a lovely lady decades ago!  I just love the color, too- so reminiscent, to me, of the powdery blue shade so popular in the fifties, the color so many of the dreamy taffeta and tulle gowns seemed to be made in at that time.
Adding to my yesteryear travel vibes was this 1956 magazine I had recently found at a resale shop.  It is called "Vacationland America" and its pages are full of family travel destinations and itineraries for road trips and tours and such a nod to simpler times of "the great American road trip."  I loved thumbing through it during down time while we were at the hotel.
And I must say, this window captured me with its sun-dappled tree and leaves just feet away from its balcony.  The light shone in so ethereally in the morning.  I love so much having such a grand window in a hotel room.

Now, I am happily awaiting a return trip,
namely to the canyon, which I dream of visiting when
 its peaks and formations are covered in snow.


Do you have a favorite vacation destination for summertime?

Did you take a memorable trip this summer?


Thank you for visiting, dears, and I wish you
 a most blessed weekend!


  1. What lovely photographs Jazzmin. You have a gift for capturing a moment. We were in Las Vegas several years ago and visited Red Rocks park which is similar to the rock formations you shared. My favorite part of the US is New England and we are hoping to travel there next fall.

  2. Love these photos!

    A favorite vacation destination? Home. Right here. :)

  3. Ahh...Jazzmin... How lovely to see Texas through your eyes! You captured some beautiful photographs, friend! I have heard about the Cadillac Ranch - what fun that you got to go there! {{smiles}}
    I am in love with your beautifully vintage suitcase! Oh my...I can imagine how delighted you were to take it along on your trip!
    You're in my thoughts! Blessings and love...and happy Saturday!

  4. Jazzmin - what glorious photos! Thank you for sharing your trip with us!

    I have a train case that is very reminiscent of your vintage suitcase. Perhaps they came from the same era. I'll have to take her off the shelf and check her out!

  5. Wow! What an amazing place to visit!! Your photography is stunning. I loved looking at the vivid blue of the sky and the rust of the canyon! All of your stops look like such fun. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. : )


  6. Sweet Jazzmin, I am speechless...your images are incredibly stunning - so full of life and color. Thank you for sharing your beautiful adventure with us through your pictures. And are always so lovely and charming. I am loving your fun suitcase and darling clothes.

    Enjoy your week, my friend. Love and hugs!


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