Monday, December 17, 2018

Lately // Antiquing, Vintage Finds, Songs, Art

Happy new week, friends!  I hope you are having a blessed December thus far and are spending joyful days in this cheerful season.  Ah, what a lovely feeling of nostalgia does wash over us in these days.  In the busyness of this month, I think some of my favorite moments have just been resting in the quiet and enjoying the simple times of reflection... especially whilst watching birds outside the window, reading, working on fun projects that are cathartic, and the like.  

I have found myself photographing some of the things I've filled my time with and have been meaning to share them, and I have the chance to sit down and write and do that today☺  So, here are a few peeks into my days over the past weeks and months.  What have been your favorite craft projects, simple moments, or memorable days this season?

Lettering and art, especially with my favorite medium: watercolors...
As of late, I've been having fun practicing lettering hymns, lyrics,
scripture, and my favorite literary quotes, and also delving into
trying to paint mountains.  Perhaps I'll share those at some time.

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